Why You Should be Using a Virtual Assistant (VA) To Master Work-Life Balance

Feeling stressed about the amount of time you’re putting into your business?

Barely have time to enjoy hobbies outside of work?

Can’t seem to unwind and enjoy family life because your phone is going off with notifications every 20 seconds?


Stop that noise.


Work-life balance is the term used to describe the balance between our work lives and the other daily time-consuming activities we engage in.

The idea of a healthy work-life balance is becoming trendy in the work-from-home and digital nomad circles, and for good reason. Technology is a two-edged blade. Sure, it allows us to earn money and build our own businesses in unconventional, never-before-seen ways. But at the same time, without the physical ties of an office, how do we get away from work at the end of the day?


Effects of a Poor Work-Life Balance on Health


Yes, it’s time to start taking this seriously.

A poor work-life balance has been found to have multiple negative effects on health, with symptoms ranging from a higher susceptibility to the flu, to more serious conditions such as strokes and respiratory conditions. Overworking yourself can lead to less productivity in the long run, a less positive outlook on life, and less inspiration to apply to current or future projects.

The quality of family life has also been seen to be directly tied with how much time individuals put into their work life. No surprise there. The Journal of Vocational Behaviour found that,

“Those (individuals) who spent more time on family than work experienced a higher quality of life than balanced individuals who, in turn, experienced a higher quality of life than those who spent more time on work than family.”

Learn more about how a poor work-life balance can affect your health.


How can a Virtual Assistant help?


One of the easiest ways to get a handle on your work-life balance is to start outsourcing some of the daily chores to your very own personal assistant. Best of all, you won’t have to set up and maintain an office space. Virtual assistants work from their own home office and are a low-cost, efficient solution to the work-life balance dilemma. So, how exactly could you be using a virtual assistant to perfect your work-life balance?


Relegate scheduling tasks to your VA

How many hours do you spend each week on basic scheduling, email response, and management tasks? If you want to know for sure, track your time using one of my favorite tools: Toggl. Most of these tasks could easily be relegated to a virtual assistant, leaving you with 2-6 more hours per week to focus on the projects that most need expert attention.

VA Brainstorm Buddies

Most virtual assistants are professionally trained and experienced in a variety of tasks and fields. I personally became a virtual assistant because I have a wide range of skills to offer and feel most at home when I’m exercising most of them at the same time. Try running ideas past your virtual assistant via email. Better yet, set up weekly or monthly Skype calls to brainstorm business goals. VAs often are equipped to offer up new ideas and expertise.

Improving Accountability

A great VA can also help hold you accountable to set goals in both business and lifestyle. Trust me, it’s much easier to maintain a great work-life balance when you have someone helping you to keep up with the chores and stay on track with the bigger goals. No more last minute cramming!

Relax during your off time, knowing that work is still getting done.

No need to check your phone for the umpteenth time during your “off time” if a virtual assistant is on it for you. Managing your own projects can be stressful. Handing off some of the tasks to an experienced virtual assistant frees up time to breathe, remember your priorities, and finally enjoy time offline.


Isn’t that freedom what most of us want from our work-from-home careers anyway?


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