Why Having a Website is ESSENTIAL For Any Small Business

If your business isn’t entirely based around a website, you might be wondering if you really need one. Is it really worth the time and money? Is a website still going to be important if I’m running a restaurant, selling my books, or starting a photography business?

Briefly, YES.

Absolutely, without a doubt. If you don’t have a website, you’re potentially missing out on thousands of clients. In fact, I list having a website in my top four social media platforms for almost ANY business. Here’s why:


Having a website creates credibility.

These days, if you don’t have a website, do you really exist? I’m kidding, of course. But your clients aren’t. Today, people are quick to hop online to check out a new product or scan information on a person of interest. Having a website that showcases your brand is a way to instantly build credibility and show that you can be trusted.

Showcase your brand, your way.

While platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are a great way to show off your products and share information, you’re still limited to the customizations that the platform offers. The #1 best way to showcase your brand and style is through a website. You’ll have complete control over the user experience and what the content looks like.


List testimonials.

This is relevant for most business, but not all, so feel free to skip this section if it doesn’t apply to you. Keeping your testimonials fairly front and center is another great way to increase credibility, wow potential clients with your previous projects, and show that you have experience that sets your business apart from the competition. If you don’t have testimonials now, reach out to previous or current clients to gather at least 5.

Display all the information in one place.

Everything your clients need to know should be easily accessible in one place, from what you offer to your rates. Consider including information about your location (if applicable), products, how it all started, the team, your company ideals, FAQs and more. Make it easy for people to take the next steps - personal websites tend to lead to better sales than most other tools, depending on the product.

Show up in search engines (and track progress).

When people are looking for your services, where are they going? My guess would be Google, followed closely by Yahoo. Without a website, you’re missing out on all of those searches that could be leading directly to your business. This is by far the ultimate reason to have a website, knocking all others out of the park. You should have a website for this alone. Obviously, making sure you’re using the best SEO practices is key to tapping into these views. I’m planning a basic blog post on this for the future.

Having a website also gives you another way to track your progress and figure out which strategies and products are most effective for your business.


You DON’T need to know how to code.

It’s getting ever easier to set up a website. I started building websites about 7 years ago (yikes, has it been that long?) and believe me when I say, the tools get more accessible and straightforward every year. I recommend setting up with either Wordpress or Squarespace - or better yet, hiring a virtual assistant to set it up for you. Trust me, it’s well worth the money to avoid the stress of learning to build it all yourself, even with the easiest tools. If you already have a knack for it, and the content ready to go, it’s possible to build your website in an afternoon.

Build a client list.

Start gathering emails, ya’ll! A website is the best way to start building your mailing list. One of my largest clients has an insane mailing list of over 100,000 emails - they’re getting thousands of views (leading to conversions for their product) per day just from the daily newsletter. That could be you, if you start now!


It’s one of the best advertising decisions you’ll ever make!

Owning a website is inexpensive - far cheaper than most other advertising options. It also requires very little management if you’re only using it as an online business card of sorts (obviously more if you plan on blogging or making money with ads). My website more than paid for itself within ONE week of going live - I onboarded 6 new clients immediately after launching through the website contact form. It is continuing to bring in new contacts and has earned me approximately $6,000 in the last five months. The original cost of setup was around $100-150. Worth it? Uh, yes.

So, what are you waiting for?

Improve your reach, visibility, and credibility by setting up a website. It won’t break the bank, and it just might be the huge boost your business has been needing.

Let me help you get started! For insight on building a website, tips on SEO strategy, or to hire me to put together the website of your dreams, contact me. We can schedule a one-time consultation or talk about starting the project asap! Let’s chat.

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