What We've Achieved

  • SEO for WorldTowning, dedicated to connecting the "slow travel" community

  • Content creation and product marketing for Tortuga Backpacks

  • Created a social media campaign to support and expand grants for gap year travel with the Travel Access Project

  • Affiliate link marketing to reach niche travel markets with Curb Free With Cory Lee

  • Social media management to help end malnutrition in Guatemala with Konojel Community Center

  • Social media management with Beirut Pops, Domaine de Chouchène, and Cantina Sociale in Lebanon

And more!

It took me a while to write this testimonial for Hannah, because I didn’t know how to fully capture in words what a joy she is to work with. That’s how good she is.

The VA Without Borders team possesses that rare combination of being able to listen and absorb project requirements, confidence to ask for clarification when needed, discipline to work independently with good time management and attention to detail, and creativity to return with finished results far exceeding original desires. Happy to answer any questions if you are determining if VA Without Borders is the right match for you. But you really only need one answer: YES!
— Jen Silver, ROI Capital Consulting
We would have been lost without VA Without Border’s help in getting our website optimized. They dove into some of our more complex issues and problem solved like a boss.
— Jessica Suiero, Worldtowning
If you’re wanting to concentrate on the content of your blog and leave its technical inner workings to someone else, Hannah from VA Without Borders is a very capable virtual assistant. She is knowledgeable, timely and dependable, fulfilling every task we gave. She is also able to give valuable input on not only your blog’s appearance but also its grammar, syntax and online visibility. We recommend her work.
— Stacey-jean Inion, Travel Deep & Wide
Hannah at VA Without Borders has been helping me improve my blog’s SEO for about 6 months now and she has been phenomenal! She does a great job and always responds very quickly if I have any questions. I can’t recommend her services enough!
— Cory Lee, Curb Free With Cory Lee